Run Florida Run ( is a blog dedicated to youth running in Florida. They approached Notice Me Marketing and Media for help with content, web design, SEO, and email marketing. We were more than happy to help out! Here’s a look at how we helped them meet their goals.

Content Creation

One of the main things that Run Florida Run wanted help with was creating content. They knew that good content was key to driving traffic to their site, but they didn’t have the time or the expertise to create the kind of content that would really attract readers. That’s where we came in! We worked with them to come up with topics that would be both useful and interesting to their target audience, and then we created high-quality blog posts and articles that delivered on those topics. The result was a steady stream of new visitors to their site who were engaged with the content they were reading.

Web Design

Another area where we were able to help Run Florida Run was with their web design. Their old site was outdated and not very user-friendly, which was making it hard for visitors to find the information they were looking for. We worked with them to create a new design that was clean, modern, and easy to navigate, and we also implemented some key SEO strategies (more on that below) to make sure their site was visible in search engines. The end result was a website that looked great and was much easier for visitors to use.

SEO Strategies / Search Engine Optimization Services / Email Marketing Services

Once we had created high-quality content and designed a website that was easy for visitors to use, it was time to focus on getting people to actually visit the site. That’s where our SEO (search engine optimization) strategies came into play. We implemented a variety of techniques designed to increase visibility in search engines, which resulted in a significant increase in traffic from organic search. In addition, we also set up email marketing campaigns for them and promoted their site across a number of social media platforms. As a result of our efforts, they saw a dramatic increase in the number of people visiting their site and subscribing to their email list.

Run Florida Run increased traffic via SEO services, clean web design, quality content creation, as well as social media promotion, culminating in more subscribers. If you have any questions or would like help achieving similar results for your business, contact Notice Me Marketing and Media today!